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Text Messaging 201: Grazing (Mass Messaging)

July 27, 2009

texting3It seems that Course 101 wasn’t enough to clarify appropriate text messaging guidelines. It seems that men are only being more creative.

Ninety-six percent of the time I can spot a mass text message when I see one. Especially if you’ve displayed a somewhat distant or inconsistent demeanor since we’ve met. If your infrequent and random text messages start with “Hey beautiful,” I’m almost always right in assuming you’ve sent this message to at least 2 other girls to see who responds first.

If you follow and/or replace, “Hey beautiful,” with any of the following: What r u doing tonight? How r u stranger? [Any generic message] then please remove me from your mass message list. I made the mistake of replying once and didn’t hear from you for a day. It won’t happen again.


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