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Say it to Our Face! Wanna be a guest blogger?

July 31, 2009

Okay so we have to admit… the cereal blog is more than a little one-sided. Actually it’s completely one-sided and as of late, it’s turned into a never-ending male-bashing session for the three of us.

However, from the comments section, we can tell that some (if not all) of our posts, and the overall theme of the blog is getting misconstrued and we don’t like that. So in light of fairness we decided that we want to open the floor to some good old-fashioned dialogue- especially since it’s come to our attention that we have a lot of male readers out there with some important things to say.

With that said, please visit the comment section whenever you don’t like something, love something, hate something, think something is stupid, wrong or genius. We want to hear what you have to say… whatever it is.

If you’re feeling particularly adamant about a particular topic and have something thoughtful to say, please e-mail it to us. We might feature you as a guest blogger.  You can write anonymously, keep it as real as you want to, and write about almost whatever as long as it’s relatively short (between 200-600 words).

Hit our inbox:

And thanks again for the love!


Kerry Crenshaw, Grace Adler, and the Silent Scorpion

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