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There’s a fine line…

August 20, 2009

We’ve written a couple of posts on how much women like confidence (“Why women like assholes” and “On confidence” ) but we need you to read this disclaimer before we let you loose in the streets:

There is fine line between confidence and cockiness… and men who step over that line are by far the most annoying people you will ever meet.

These men will brag about how many hoes they have, how much money they make,  the cars they drive, and name drop constantly.

I mean if I ask then cool, but if you just randomly feel the need to bring up how many tables you bought at the club last week or how you and Jay-Z are BFF’s, you’re trying too hard.

And all that talking for what, when this is all your potential female love interest hears:

I am flashy and we’ll probably be robbed if we go out. I have low self-esteem and possibly a small penis. I was made fun of as a child by both my parents and classmates. I didn’t get enough attention from mommy growing up and I desperately want to be liked.

On the other hand, real mean know: Not talking about what you have is the way to intrigue a woman. And if you’re as fly as you know you are, your confidence will speak for itself.

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