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A simpler time…

October 9, 2009

Sometimes while I contemplate throwing my phone out of the window after some guy I’m dealing with pissed me off yet again, I pause for a moment and think to myself, “I wish I still young, dumb, and naïve.” Yes, as crazy as it sounds I wish I wasn’t as male-savvy as I am today. Think about how much easier life would be if I didn’t know he was lying, there was no Facebook or cyber stalking, and if I actually fell for the weak game guys used. I miss those days. Do you remember sitting on the phone until 3 a.m., hoping your little sister wouldn’t wake up and tell on you:

Me: What you doing?

Him: Over her thinking ’bout you…

Me: *giggles* Shut up no you not. 

*Please note this type of game should not be used on women over the age of 21, please flirt responsibly*

They say ignorance is bliss, then what the hell is intelligence? It’s pure madness if you ask me.  Women have let their intelligence get the best of them. We react on assumptions and emotions based on previous experience. I’m not saying they aren’t valid, just that sometimes, just sometimes he may really be playing video games with his friends till 2 a.m. and the girl texting him really is just his friend. Would the 16 year-old you even think twice about the things you rack your brain about now?

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