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Editor’s Note

October 18, 2009

200173050-001If you know anything about L.A., you know that if you live there long enough (like all of the Cereal Daters who were born and raised there) you’ll start to know everyone in your age group in the entire freaking city. Which means that every guy you meet probably dated a girl you know, played pick-up bball games with your ex on the weekends, and is somehow distantly related to you.

Sad but true. Fortunately for me, I jumped ship and moved to a city where I only run into people I’m loosely connected to about 30 percent of the time and not 98 percent of the time like I did when I lived in L.A. Grace and Sisi on the other hand are still caught up in the same LA circles, going to the same places and seeing the same people.

I can’t exactly remember how the idea came up but during a three-way phone call last week the Cereal Daters decided that it was time to shake things up. Grace, SiSi, and our friend “Lola” went bar hopping and Venice Beach/Santa/Downtown LA to meet guys outside of the usual L.A. circles and they definitely came up with something new!

The next few posts are all about our little experiment. Enjoy!

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