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“She ain’t gone tie me down!”

December 14, 2009

They may be pre-pubecscent adolescents but they are on to something.

Men in Los Angeles share the same “I’m a playa for life” sentiments. With all these men proclaiming “she ain’t gonna tie me down,” I wonder where are the men that are ready to commit? Have they all stepped into some black hole? Spontaneously combusted?

This is a question that me and many of my single female friends have constantly asked ourselves and the sad truth is that they are few and far between. We either dismiss men we meet because they aren’t our type, they’re already in a relationship, or they’re  in hiding/holding secret meetings on how to repopulate their species (lol).

Whatever the case is, the majority of men that are left to choose from are mediocre at best. The sad truth is that  there are more women than men in general. And my theory is that LA is so saturated with women that they have had to deal with that women are forced to recycle men in the same small circles. For black men in LA, dating is like heaven on Earth. There’s nothing but beautiful model/actress/singers/this/thats walking around no wonder its so hard for them to commit. Right?

Wrong!  Some of these women have spoiled the pot for the rest of us. These For every honest hardworking model/actress/singer/this/that there is a gold diggin’ aspiring model/actress/singer/this/that. Yes, these women have tainted the image of the “LA girl” (Gucci bag-toting, club-hopping, superficial perpetrating females) this is why our “good” black men are in hiding and I would to if there were women like this roaming the streets.

Grace’s Recommendation: Move, to the south/east coast were they actually have, dare I say it, wives and girlfriends *SHOCKING*

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  1. December 15, 2009 11:53 pm

    I’ve moved to the east coast to no avail. However, I’m certain that its not just me that’s the problem here: clearly, its a national phenomenon. I think I’ll try across the pond over in Europe (specifically France) next.

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