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Don’t Take Candy from Strangers

January 14, 2010

…Or drinks from guys with control issues whom you’ve dated in the past (and when I say dated in this instance I mean one date, no kiss).

If you didn’t see the drunken tweets from our NYC excursion, here’s part of what you missed. I ran into Crazy, Deranged in the club and tried to ignore him. Of course he didn’t pick up on this (or at least didn’t want to pick up on it) so he started talking to me (ugh) I got him to pour Silent Scorpion, Grace and I drinks then promptly walked away (the universal sign for “not interested” right?). Not so much…

Some how in crazy world that was an invitation for him to start texting me like crazy again (damn it! Just when the calls were starting to die down!). I’ve received 5 messages just today. I actually responded to one (“Hey sweetie”) with “Do you have any names you hate being called?” He didn’t catch that despite the fact that one of our very last conversations was about how I hate to be called anything outside of my birth name (especially by strangers like him).


Saddest part was I saw that he was all on some poor little wide-eyed, girl and vice-versa. I wanted to tell her to run but there’s no protocol written in the girl guide for how to tell her that and even if there were, girls are so catty I’m sure it would be listed under the chapter on “hating.” Oh well…

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