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Relationship Status: Undefined

February 17, 2010

I’m sure every woman has had one of these guy’s in their life at one point in time, maybe you have one right now, a relationship with a man that is undefined. You can’t put him into any category all you know is that he is more than a jumpoff but less than a boyfriend, you may be in love with him or just love him. Most times these relationships last just as long as any long term relationships. The problem is no matter what you do you can never quite “break up” with this guy because there’s nothing to really break. My first encounter of this type of relationship was in high school with a guy named Justin.

I met Justin when I was I was 16. Initially our relationship started over the phone as most teenage relationships do. We talked and hung out for a year. At 17 I decided to have sex with Justin, he wasn’t my first but he was my second. From that point on me and Justin were inseparable. I hung out at his house everyday after school, before moms came home of course. There were times that I was frustrated for never getting the label (girlfriend), when other girls did. We talked and messed around into my college years, until I got a serious boyfriend. I’ve seen Justin around since then and he’s made some attempts to be serious with me. But the fact of the matter is that relationships like Justin and mine never work. You end up dealing with a lot of bs over the course of time and nothing to show for it.

Ladies if you have a Justin in your life please know guys like him do not last forever. And if it were meant to be you guys would be together and not have an “undefined” relationship. You aren’t Carrie and he isn’t Mr. Big so no 10 year courting phase is needed.

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  1. February 18, 2010 8:31 am

    Okay – can I just say for the record – it’s always the “J” names that get me in trouble. I’ve had some serious boyfriends, but these “J’s” always stick around – you know they kinda just walk in & out whenever they want.

    You’re right though – nothing will ever come of it, so I might as well leave them alone!

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