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Wanna Be Assholes

June 9, 2010

In Why Women Like Assholes my collegue Kerry lists two types of assholes; the just-don’t-give-a-fuck type and the I-just-don’t-give-a-fuck-but-I’mma-pretend-like-I-do type

If I were to add to this list I would include all of the frauds out there who are trying to perpretrate like they are just as much an asshole as say, Mark Wahlberg (who I love btw). However these men are softer than Justin Bieber wearing a baby pink Chinchilla coat holding a puppy. These men know that the asshole factor has worked for other dudes so they believe it will work for them too. Sorry to break the news to you guys but just because you ACT like you don’t give care about anyone or anything doesn’t mean we wont see through your charaide.
The sad part is what really pisses me off about these guys is that they believe women will actually respond to their behavior. Status messages are almost always a clear indicator that your dealing with a wanna be asshole. They love to say things about what they consider weak, talk about their sexual endeavors, and build themselves up. All I see is insecure little boys who are trying too hard to get attention from girls. I think Julie Garland said it best; Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. 

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  1. Mr. Fantastic permalink
    June 9, 2010 2:26 pm

    The other thing you might notice about wanna-be assholes is their assholish-ness sounds an AWFUL lot like the asshole you secretly like on TwittaFaceFormSpring. Real assholes don’t care enough about that outside stuff to be copying you, but wanna-bes just wanna get comments about being an asshole.

    To them I say “You’re as authentic as a 3 dollar bill with Obama on the front. You tryin’ so hard to be like the next man, but above all that women like in assholes, is that they aren’t afraid to be themselves. ”

    That’s my word.

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