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Can I Have Him?

June 28, 2010

Damn he’s fine!

I been trying to write about him for about three weeks now and nothing has been coming to me. I’m pretty sure it’s because all of his beauty has been distracting me and putting my brain on the fritz. But actually I’m quite sure it’s just that I can’t write about him because that’s really all there is to him. He’s fine.

He gets on my nerves, he doesn’t do any of the things that he’s supposed to (and I act accordingly) but damn it if he isn’t gorgeous doing it!

I can’t make him act right, I can’t hold his hand and give him all the steps, but when he hugs and doesn’t let go… I can enjoy the moment. When I see him out and my heart skips those beats. it’s cool because I already know that’s kind of the extent of our relationship. He can’t break my heart.

He tells me I’m beautiful, he’s so flattering. He never let’s me win an argument, he’s so competitive. He thinks he knows better than me, he’s so naive (lol) He’s not my type at all… but damn it if he isn’t the most beautiful man this side of Manhattan.


I hate that this is starting to sound like a poem… but I think that illustrates just how much he’s thrown me for a loop.

If only he… didn’t talk so much, weren’t so self-righteous and understood my sense of humor. Sometimes I’m inclined to work with him but that’s only when he’s presently in front of me. I don’t like talking on the phone with him, I don’t always answer his BBM’s, but I stare like no other when he’s near me, in my face, being all sweet.

If I had to compare our relationship to something, it’d probably be like my 7th grade romance with this guy named Branden. We were infatuated(!) with one another… no substance. Cupcake, no feeling. It was just that he was cute and he thought I was cute. Am I too old for this type of fleeting romance? Can I get a pass for the summer? Someone let me know. Cuz I want him… if only for right now.

Oh yea, but he’s also this guy… so I’m not supposed to have him. But don’t worry about that part. Things can be arranged. Just tell me I can have him? Pleeeeeease?!?!?!?


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  1. sojazzy1 permalink
    June 28, 2010 9:30 am

    Ummm this sounds like good summer fun to me!! This is what summer time is about right? Keep ’em!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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