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How Dudes Get Caught Up

July 29, 2010

Remember back in the old days when women had to go through their dude’s pants pockets to see if he had gotten a phone number? My, my have times changed. With the invention of cell phones, e-mail, and social networking, catching a man up is easier than ever. I started not to write this post because I will be revealing some very pertinent information about the female species. But hey, maybe this will make dudes think twice before they send that text, take that number, or accept that friend request. I didn’t know I was blessed with these skills until I was in a serious relationship and there were “trust issues” to say the least. I found that dudes are dumb and careless when they think you aren’t paying attention. But even when they know you are watching them like a hawk, they are still dumb and careless…

Heres’ a few ways dudes get caught up:

Passwords– Now, I know a lot of dudes and some females have passwords on their phones for privacy protection. There’s a lot info on my blackberry I wouldn’t want some random to see. But if a woman wants access to that phone she will find a way! Guys, you can change your password 1000 times and we will still get it every time. I can’t tell you how or when we do it, but we do. And there’s nothing you can do to prevent this.

Sending a text/bbm to the wrong girl- Funny story: One night one of my girlfriends tells she me she received some strange texts from one of our mutual guy friends. Basically he sent her booty call texts thinking she was another girl (they have the same name in his phone). He texted her later when he realized he had been texting the wrong girl. Lucky for him there was no harm done here. But imagine if she was close to a girl he was dating and this story was shared with her. Note to men: Use last name initials or nicknames when you have two girls with the same name in your phone.

Talking to girls in the same circle– Guys, if you have the slightest idea that the girl you just met knows your “main” or her friends, I beg of you, don’t do it. Because females talk and it will get back. Even when they say they don’t, and that they like to keep things private, they are lying. They’ve told their females so many details about you, even her girl could pick you out a police line-up.

These are a few general ways dudes get caught slipping. Trust me, there are many more ways and I have several more specific examples but once again I’ll save that for my book.

Ladies have you ever caught a dude up? If so how? Fellas what do you do when you think you’ve been caught?

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  1. Kerry Crenshaw permalink*
    July 31, 2010 3:17 pm


  2. Candygirl permalink
    August 2, 2010 6:35 pm

    The dude just commited crmie #3 from this post. Bout to confront him on this tonight. We will see…

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