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Date Report Card: King of Mixed Signals

August 18, 2010

I went out with that one guy that I’m totally infatuated with (he’s gorgeous) even though he gets on my nerves because I realized that all that meant was that I secretly like him and need stop being in denial about it… We went to see an … um… a show and had dinner at what has now become my new favorite late night spot.  He’s The King of Mixed Signals that I blogged about on Monday so I guess his little tactics worked because other than the little “slip up,” our date was cool.

Punctuality: A (?)

We met up. I was actually late so… I’m assuming he was on time. Either way, he was at least, more on time than I was…

Creativity: A+

I think the show might have won me over. It got me in a good mood, smiling and talking (I can be shy sometimes). I have this thing about performing arts though. I LOVE live shows! 🙂 And the restaurant he chose afterwards was freaking great. Like I said before, it’s my new favorite spot…

Chivalry: A

Tickets + meal paid = happy Kerry. All my doors were opened and he was nice enough… Which kind of surprised me because for whatever reason I thought I was going to have problems in this department with him. That’s bad that I thought that huh?

Dress: B+

I give him a B+ only because I don’t wanna give him straight A’s. He looked really nice tho… A+ nice!

Place of Origin: A

He’s not from L.A. (thank goodness)… That really shouldn’t matter but for some reason it does. Especially when he’s raised in NY and blessed with that accent! *swoon* I just want to hear him speak… to just come to my house and read books out loud to me.

Overall: A

Can’t wait to find another clear day on both of our terribly busy schedules.

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  1. August 18, 2010 8:16 am

    what’s y’all apprehension towards cali men? not that i care (i’m from DC). just curious. i think that LA dudes are weird myself.

    • August 18, 2010 8:19 am

      Patience kind sir. There will be a detailed post next week that will have all the L.A. men wanting to gather us and throw lit bricks.

    • Kerry Crenshaw permalink*
      August 18, 2010 8:57 am

      It’s a weird bias. We all grew up in L.A. so the majority of the men we’ve dated are from there too. That definitely plays into it. But I’ve also lived on the east coast… and dated someone from down South and I’ve always been treated WAY better by guys from the South first and east coast second (not sure about the rest of the country) Plus everyone on earth has the tendency to be drawn to something that’s new (i.e. non-L.A. guys)

      And I don’t advocate Silent’s L.A. men-bashing. Some of my favorite guys are from L.A. 🙂 …I just wouldn’t date them lol… In their defense some of the worst ones behave that way because of the gold-digging culture in L.A. They think every girl is out to get them/catch them up… even if the girl has more going for herself than him. Even when the girl has integrity because that’s what they’re used to- superficial women. Men in other cities give you the benefit of the doubt much more. Is that fair?

      Oh and just an anecdote from my friend who’s visiting me on the east coast right now:

      “The guys here are so nice! Like they’ll talk to you just to talk, not cuz they’re trying to get at you or anything just to have conversation. I’m not used to that. You know how L.A. guys are… like, I can tell a guy out here that I’m from L.A. and they’ll be like ‘oh that’s so cool’ and ask you about it… but if a girl from NY went to L.A. and told an L.A. guy where she was from, they’d be like ‘Ok.. but I’m from L.A.”

      Not sure if that makes any sense but she was commenting on how L.A. guys tend to think the sun rises and sets on them or that they’re the center of attention, especially when they’re not.

      When I first moved to the east coast seven years ago it took me months to get over how decent and nice the men were…

      • August 18, 2010 10:48 am

        i can see how you think that south>east>west men are as far as being treated.

  2. Grace Adler permalink*
    August 18, 2010 9:12 am

    lol I think i touched on this in this post

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