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Crybaby, Crybaby Sit on a Fence!

September 20, 2010

Damn we really tried hard to find the scene where he cried in Madea Goes to Jail but this will have to do… 

I love it when a man is being vulnerable. When he’s exposing sides of himself that are seldom seen. When he turns into a boy in front of his mom. When he’s being affectionate (in a cute behind the scenes, genuine kind of way). When he cums! But what I can’t stand… Like absolutely can not stand is when a man cries…

I know that’s wrong… A real man should be able to cry blah blah blah… I’d just prefer it if he did it behind closed doors.

I had a very emotionally charged conversation with ol boy last night and… I mean… He didn’t cry cry, like a Derek Luke type of way, but there were tears in his eyes and his face was definitely wet.

I had absolutely no idea what to do. Granted I’m a cry baby…. But I never saw my father cry EVER and the only time I ever saw my big brother or mother cry was AT my fathers funeral (never before or after…) so I just don’t know how to comfort a crying person.

The only thing that came to mind was “Man suck that up! Walk it off!” Lol so instead of saying that I offered that we go for a walk since the walls of my apartment were closing in on me anyway.

He told me I was being insensitive (Not in those words but that was the gist of whatever it was he said). It took ever fiber of restraint in my body to stop myself from saying “What do you want me to do, sit you in my lap? Pat you on the head?”

I’m not nurturing. Sue me! Nurturing’s for kids and I don’t have any!

How could I have better handled this situation? I mean is there anything I was supposed to say or do? Let me know because once a crier, always a crier…. * whips out umbrella, puts on rain boots *

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  1. September 20, 2010 7:48 am

    To be honest, I don’t think there is much more you could have done…

    Unless there was something drastic in which he was unable to control emotions (namely a loss of loved one, serious injury, etc) he should have removed himself from the situation, collected his composure and then gone back into the conversation.

    Then again I’m chicano, and we battle a lil disorder called machisimo and this incident would and challenge the roles of a relationship

    on the flip side…situations with loss — such as seeing your brother cry at a did you console him?

    • Kerry Crenshaw permalink*
      September 20, 2010 8:03 am

      Yeah and I’m black and a lot of us battle with a lil disorder called “Fuck is you crying for????” lol just kidding but seriously… I didn’t do anything when my brother was crying. I just let him cry… Eventually he stopped. If it were a home girl or something I probably would’ve hugged and stuff… idk

  2. September 20, 2010 7:56 am

    actually i don’t know what the situation entailed but you did seem like you were being a tad bit insensitive. perhaps a hug. something. men have emotions too. smh.

    • Kerry Crenshaw permalink*
      September 20, 2010 8:05 am

      I dig hug him now that I think about. And I wiped his face… well, because I didn’t want to see all that *shivers*

  3. September 20, 2010 9:18 am

    I treat people the same way I want to be treated when I’m crying. Yes one of the Cereal Daters is a crier. Not like bawl out of control for no reason because I broke a nail kind of crier, but the death in the family, Mufasa dying kind of crying.

    Just give me a hug and tell me everything is gonna be okay AFTER you listen to my story. Shoot this may have prompted me to write about this jerk who wanted to psycho analyze me when all I wanted was a shoulder to cry on. Yappy bastard!

  4. icecoldjd1906 permalink
    September 20, 2010 10:55 pm

    how could you handle it? hmm i think you did the best thing could do by making an attempt to comfort because based on what you really wanted to say was “suck that shit up.” If for some reason he brings i up to you later, i think you should feel comfortable to tell him your thoughts on crying.

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