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How Not To Get Back At Your Ex

December 7, 2010

Yesterday’s post conjured up my own memories from the Myspace Era:

My ex-boyfriends friend had a nasty break up with his then girlfriend. She got mad and hacked into his Myspace account. She changed his sexual orientation on his profile, added a bunch of questionable characters to his friends list and Top five and then started to send freaky homosexual messages to all of his male friends.
He spent about a week trying to get back into his account. Oh but when he did!
He deleted all of his pictures off his page and posted racy photos of his scorned boo onto his profile. I’m talking completely nude photos of her doing some unmentionable things. He watermarked each one with the phrase “My name is ******** and I go to Cal State Northridge” (her college). The whole ordeal was VERY nasty and hard to watch but there were a few lessons to be learned in the whole getting back at your ex thing.
1. Don’t do it if you know the other person has nude photos of you and you don’t want them getting out… DUH
2. Never allow another person to take/possess nude photos of you… Really this is Relationship Rule #1. I mean he could’ve hacked into YOUR e-mail account and send a mass e-mail to all of your contacts (that’s what I would’ve done…)
3. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. I mean I wanted to feel bad for old girl but seriously? Hacking into someone’s personal account? It’s just not that serious. Bow out gracefully….
4. Stop with the childish games…. in the end both of these people walked away looking like idiots. Evil idiots.
Got any revenge of the ex stories?
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  1. Jane permalink
    December 7, 2010 9:49 am

    Mine experience is not evil parse, but it gave my male friend something to think about when he got caught lying to his g/f over nothing.

    I’d been hanging out with this higschool chum. We were close in highschool and at the time of this story we’re in our very early 20’s. I can only assume that he had a history of cheating on his g/f’s from the way this one reacted.

    The short of it is, he lied to her about hanging out with me. Even though it was a group setting, he lied. And of course instead of breaking up with him, she came after me!
    (Please explain to me why women do that? For all we know, you do not exist).

    She would call me at my parents house, even though I had my own place and phone number etc. I was annoyed but ammused by all the attention I was getting until they called my parents house xmas eve night at 2am. They tag teamed me on the phone. Him screaming at me to stop lying and tell his g/f we never hung out etc… Now I’m mad.

    When the holidays were over, I gathered the pictures of him on my couch with a few friends drinking, and some from earlier on at the restaurant, and me in a couple of them with him. They were time stamped and dated. I mailed them to her with a friendly note that said…

    “You’re right, we never hung out, here’s the proof. Choke on it bitch. Now get a hobby.”

    Needless to say, there were some angry phone calls from both of them afterwards, to which I put them both in their place. I was tired of this and still angry they had the nerve to intrupt Xmas with my parents and family.

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