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My New Crush

January 7, 2011

I hate it when this happens.

Last night, I met this guy (we’ll call him Justin*) through my friend Michael.

Background: Michael has a crush on me (kind of) but he also has a girlfriend. I’m completely uninterested in Michael in any romantic way. Girlfriend or not, he’s just not my type. But Justin? His BFF? Gorgeous! And smart… the more he talked the smarter he sounded, and in relation the more attractive he became to me. He was hilarious too… so wait,

Plants… dirt, water, sun….

Kerry….. gorgeous, smart, funny…

Yup he fulfills all of my basic necessities in life. What more is there to know?

Now I couldn’t really tell if Justin was feeling me though. I mean there was a lot of smiling and giggling going on but every time we got a chance to talk one on one, Michael would always come out of nowhere and start talking, interrupting our “us time,” trying to pull me away from Justin literally and figuratively speaking. Around here on the Cereal Daters blog we call this pissing on a girl, you know, marking your territory… and it happens all to often both rightfully and wrongfully…. In this case, it just wasn’t right. I mean, come on cuhz, you have a girl!!!! Can you leave us single folk in here to smile and make googly eyes at one another alone? Please?!?!! Thank you!

At some point during the night:

Mike: Can you give me a ride home?

Kerry: Yeah if you really need me to…

Mike: Ok cool cuz that would be a lot better than Jason taking me. Who wants a guy taking them home when they can have a girl do it?

Huh? What just happened there?

Hours later the night ended with me asking Justin to take Mike home…

Kerry: Can you take him home?

Justin: He wants YOU to take him… [emphasis on you]

At this point I kind of felt like Justin was picking up on the same shade I was picking up on and that was his way of saying it, or I mean, simply commenting on the fact that Mike had an obvious interest in me. I also felt like whatever spark Justin and I had between us had fizzled out. I wasn’t sure if I had misinterpreted earlier signals or if I was right and perhaps he’d backed down because of his boy’s obvious affinity toward me? Do guys even do that? Especially when one of them has a girlfriend and isn’t dating me? Fudge! What to do…

I got some too little too late advice from @SilentScorpion

Scorpion: You should’ve just asked Justin to walk you to your car when you left.

Kerry: Damn you, evil genius! Why didn’t I do that!??!?!?

Scorpion: I don’t know

Kerry: What do I do now?

Scorpion: ……

There’s nothing I really can do (besides Facebook/Twitter stalk him) …which I did, and I found out that much to my delight we only have 30 mutual friends. Of those 30 friends only one is a close friend, only one other went to my high school, and the rest are typical L.A. people/promoters that everyone knows. It’s like a post-Christmas miracle. An attractive, cool guy from LA that I don’t already know???? He must be my birthday gift!

But I kind of missed my opportunity… and I’m still slightly confused as to whether or not I misread his signals. There’s nothing I can do but hope to run into him again huh? Anything else would just be too thirsty *sigh*

He’s my new crush for now… just another guy I hope to bump into again…

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  1. Mr. Fantastic permalink
    January 7, 2011 10:05 am

    Nothing left to do but stalk eh?? I think Justin might have been checkin’ for you, but at some point he got the word that Mike was on the prowl. So he had to leave it be. I think you might still have a chance if you pursue, but he could just as easily runtelldat to Mike. I dunno what’s left. “Poke” maybe?

  2. January 7, 2011 10:07 am

    Mike wants to have his cake and eat it too. Justin probably will wave off given he knows his friend’s interested in you, problematic girlfriend or not. Leave it be. If he’s into you, he’ll hit you up

  3. January 8, 2011 2:31 pm

    yeah i would have backed down also. he may have an interest in you but he really doesn’t know you and from his point of view he may not want the drama involved in trying to get to know you if his boy is also interested.

  4. Kerry Crenshaw permalink*
    January 10, 2011 12:58 am

    oh-em-gee just as I suspected smh… I thought only girls did that…

  5. January 13, 2011 8:20 am

    I think you should talk to Mike…he is the issue and he is your friend (maybe?) Just have a general conversation about the evening and find out what his real intentions are. Forget Justin for a moment….because Mike could cause this same problem with other men down the road. You need to clear up any confusion with him first. Set the tone and get his mind right! Also you totally should have told Justin: “Maybe we should call Mike’s girlfriend to take him home?” Anyways…work that out with Mike first. There will always be Justins…but not if Mike is in the way.

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