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How do I know you?

March 29, 2011

I’m out at a concert and this tall, cute stranger with an even cuter smile grabs my arm.

Him: Hey I know you!
Me: Hey I know you too! […from Facebook]
Him: You’re Kerry!
Me: You’re Jason!

I know his name is Jason and he used to go to USC [I’d later find out he transferred there from Maryland], and I know I know him from a long time ago but I still don’t know how or why [Damn you Facebook news feed!] I also don’t know why, if ever we were friends, I let him slip through my fingers. I just bumped into him 25 seconds ago and I already wanted to lick him like Tisha Campbell did old boy in School Daze. Nasty.

Him: How have you been?
Me: Good, good, really good [I stammer when I’m flustered]… wait, how do we know each other?
Him: Uh I don’t know actually. I got your number at a club in L.A. or something.

No you didn’t. I remember all the tall sexy men I meet and I don’t remember you.

Me: No you didn’t. That’s not how I know you…
Him: Look…
And I kid you not when I say this, this beautiful man (gotta keep stressing how cute he was) pullss out his cell phone and shows me my name (first and last, with Kerry spelled correctly) and number in his contacts… only it’s my number from like four years ago. What. The. Fuck?

Now this is the point where shit is supposed to have gotten weird but nothing a tall cutie does is ever weird, it’s just flattering and/or adorable. I mean honestly, all that revelation did was make it that much easier to give him my new number. We end up talking for a while at the show, hanging out, playing around, flirting etc. The next day he texts me:

Him: I just realized something. I actually met you in D.C.
Me: When? Are you sure?

Now I go to DC a lot BUT I never met anyone memorable on ANY of the trips so now I’m super intrigued. He’s telling me about a time I went out there during college, mutual friends we have on FB, places I’ve been… but never with him. Apparently I went to one of his basketball games in undergrad (totally remember that, I tagged along to Maryland game with friends), then there was an Alpha party (totally remember that, that’s where I met Mike who’s still the homie to this day), then there was an after party in Lonnie’s apartment. Now Lonnie? That’s a gorgeous man never to be forgotten! Every time I go to D.C. I run into him. Any time any of my girls have gone… they run into him. He gets around to say the least. I never dipped or dabbled though. I was never that kind of girl…

But wait a minute, I remember all of the cast of characters but still can not place Jason.

Me: Who was I with?
Him: I don’t remember, I just remember you [ha that was cute, player shit. Take note!]

I’m standing with my girl Shannon who was with me that night five or six years ago. She’s jogging my memory. “Remember we’d been drinking and we got pulled over by the police?” Definitely remember that, Shannon wasn’t even 21 yet, we were so afraid. “And we were with Mark and Evan. We went up to Maryland after that Alpha party and all those Kappas were there.” [He’s not a Kappa though] Ok ok shannon but do you remember this dude Jason? “The tall cute one? I remember him but his name wasn’t Jason was it?” she says. Already knowing what’s up, I respond “No you’re thinking of fine ass Lonnie, I’m talking about this one.” ::Flips Macbook around to face her:: She peruses his FB page for a few minutes. “He’s really cute, but he definitely was not there,” she says.

We concluded that I might have met him, but he was not nearly as cute as he is now. All I know is, he’s fine, he’s interested in me, and I may or may not have played him in 06…. but damn it, I’m ready to make up for all that now! *Muah*

**Please note that all names, universities, cities, etc. have been changed to protect anonymity.

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